Ghouli is my dad

Okay listen, you all have Ghouli all wrong. So basically Ghouli and my mother (married at the time) had an extra marital affair. I was conceived in the heat of the moment, and was to be kept secret. It is now 2018, 45 years after my conception. I have noticed that our society these days can take any man, or monster in this case, and turn them into a villain. It is easy to blame Ghouli as he is quite haunting to look upon, but I promise that deep within that reptillian(?) lies a beating heart. A heart that once loved my mother so deeply, so unequivocally, that he attacked, and using his strange and blasphemous tentacles, impregnated my mother. #freeghouli

Ghouli is my dad yo

4 thoughts on “Ghouli is my dad

  1. Have you seen Ghouli since? How do you know Ghouli is your father for real? Curious to know more, hope you publish more details.

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