The Ghouli

I have not seen the Ghouli, but the Ghouli has seen me!


  • PMFT says:

    Frightening! I have not seen this Ghouli yet, maybe I’m just not remote viewing the right places?

  • Daniela Aparecida da Silva says:

    I’m very happy for this show back after all this years. I’m from Brazil and I start to watch X Files when I had 14 yars old and now I’m 33 and I still love this serie, the cast and still more Gillian and David off course. Chris Carter you’re a genius😍

  • Dave says:

    Ghouli where r u?!?!

  • it's me says:

    You started a dangerous game, not knowing what all this will turn out for you. You announced a hunt for us, and the hunt started on you. We are everywhere. Greetings from Ghouli … maybe Ghouli … maybe your neighbor … maybe you … maybe … we’re waiting for you already around the corner. See you.

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