Utter My Name

Where do you go at night when the tapping begins?

How do you stop the feeling that rises within?

The fingers and legs are always tap-tap-a-tappin’

He knows you are never prepared for what is destined to happen

If you close your eyes, he is still there.

You can’t escape him if he is everywhere.

When you look in the mirror and all you can do is stare,

That’s when you let him in again so continues this dreadful nightmare.

You can close your mind and mutter words to yourself in fright

But nothing can stop the ghouli on each and every night

He is with you until the end

You’re already his most favorite friend

Your weakness and fear are what feed him

The more frightened you are, the more you need him

My ghouli says this:

Get in to the darkness
Hide in plain sight
Open your mind in to mine
Utter my name
Let me be your touchstone
In the after-life



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