Crying women

some time ago when I was still a student of pure biology and I was studying for a partial genetics I heard a woman crying next to my window at first I thought it was on the street then I remembered that it was. separated by the house of my neighbor who did not even have dogs, it happened 3 times I still do not get the crying out of my head. … another day something even more dark happened, while I was sleeping I felt like going to the bathroom, it was close to 2:00 AM, my mom was sleeping in a bed next to her because my dad was working, I saw my mom asleep and when I tried to get out of bed something prevented me from looking up and I saw a black shadow that was watching me, I could not scream, I could not move it was horrible, suddenly my mom woke up and reached to scream slightly she told me it was a nightmare but I know that it was not

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