The Ranch

I was at my grandfather’s ranch a few days ago when I saw it. At first it was in the woods, I heard some branches move. Automatically thought it was a squirrel or something until a couple moments later it was more violent. The entire woods started to shake, squirrel’s can’t run that fast or make that big of an impact.

I freaked out and wanted to scream, although I started to get more and more confused when the woods stopped shaking and making noise and everything went quiet. Complete silence. Comforting. Eerie. Terrifying. All at once. I heard a growl. Someone or something sounded angry.

I turned around and that’s when I saw it….Ghouli. It was mad and before I knew it I was slammed to the ground. My head hit the ground hard but I didn’t even notice until a huge puddle of blood started forming around my body. Everything started to fade away, into complete blackness. I remember being dragged away as I faded into nothingness.

I awoke, barely conscious to find that I’m in a horse stall. I heard the most terrifying growl and gurgle I will ever hear. I look above me to see one of Ghouli’s green arms start to caress my forehead, then move to my cheek. He was pinching my skin tightly. It felt like he was going to rip my skin off. He started to rip and tug at my cheek. I screamed and yanked his hand off of me with all the strength I had in me. He didn’t take it well.

He grabbed my throat and started choking me. He yanked me off of the ground, I was dangling in mid-air, the only thing holding me is a horrifying green hand. The only sight a terrifying being trying to choke the life out of me. I managed to scream, but only for like five seconds before he wrapped his hand further around my neck, silencing it immediately. I was turning red now, my head starting to pound, I was getting more and more tired. Sleepier. And. Sleepier.

I reached my hand out and scratched something, I think it was his eye. I got dropped and hit the ground hard. My knee was bruised and I started to breathe in more and more air. My face went back to normal but my head was still pounding. I fast-limped out of the barn and never saw him again.

He might have not gotten me but he’s taken so many other people I had to share my story. Be on alert and always trust your instincts.

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  1. Please contact the SCP Collective. We have further questions regarding your sighting of the creature that may prove valuable in its capture.

    We will contact you shortly.

    Sierra-14, The Collective.

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