What hell was that thing?

There I was. Walking along the banks of the Mogoagogo River in Beautiful British Columbia on my annual pilgrimage with my buddy Chuck. This trip was more of a celebration of sorts, or maybe a career death sentence depending on which of us you ask – you see, he’d just secured a job running the ADIL at the University of Maryland. How we met? Let’s just say that in 1989, a certain somebody was selling alien detection radar kit’s at the CES show in Baltimore and I was the landlord of the unit he rented out on Exeter Street. But I digress… We’d been taking this trip for a few years now, regaling each other with our new conspiracy theories about JFK, stories about my mothers love affair with Dr. Blockhead and talk of Chuck’s chess game with Anatole Klebanow; all the while observing the real nuts of the world prowling these woods looking for Big Foot and taking foot print impression castings. It was strange to be in place where we were the normal ones. But that night, it changed for us. Of all the books I’d read… Of all the theories I had about everything from genetically engineered twins, cockroaches being from another planet, real life vampires, the disappearance of the Queen Anne ship and even why this poster I bought with a UFO on it seemed to change over time… nothing prepared us for what we heard and saw in the woods that night.

We followed a little stream leading us into the woods to an area we’d never been before. It was eerie. The wind stopped howling there. The leaves wouldn’t sweep across the ground. No tree’s swayed. It was as if time stood still in this spot. But something moved in the distance. Slow at first. I thought it was just a branch, position in such a way to make your mind run away with you. But it was strange… it looked like some kind of animal. I whispered quietly. “Chuck? Do you see that?” I turned to him. He was paralyzed in fear. In my peripheral vision, I saw it move again. It had arms. I took a step back. It’s head knee jerked right towards us as my foot cracked a branch. What ever it was, it now knew it wasn’t alone. Chuck’s hands trembled as he started to lift the camera hanging from his neck. “Chuck… Don’t.” Are you kidding,” he asked, “World Weekly Informer will pay big cash for this.” After he pulled the shutter, the camera immediately started whirling from the auto rewind feature. That thing, what ever it was – wasn’t happy. “Chuck, shut it off.” That’s when it ran towards us and then went straight up a tree into the darkness.

“What the hell is that thing,” Chuck muttered. “How the hell should I know?” The silence in the woods was now deafening as we peered up into the tree’s looking for any sight of it. Silence – in what seemed like a moment frozen. We were too afraid to move. A crackle behind us. Too afraid to look, but we knew we had to. As we turned, a silent hiss let out for a moment. There stood, what had to be an eight foot creature with limbs standing five yards from us. “Chuck? RUN!” I screamed grabbing his arm and dragging him backwards through the woods as this thing lunged for us. The creature let out an unearthly screech, unlike anything I have heard before or since. Fumbling over our selves through the darkness, it didn’t chase us, it seemed like it was warning us… stay out. When I looked back, it was gone, the screams still echoing through the bay.

We ran back to town and tried to tell Sherriff Hartwell what happened. With a half crooked smile, he chuckled “…you boys best be leavin’ town… Ghouli don’t like visitors, and he’ll be lookin for you now.” We never spoke of the event again and canceled all future trips. We now go to Amma Beach Maine, where nothing strange ever happens. I have always wondered, was I alone? What was the truth? I hope somebody, somewhere, whom has the answers to everything can explain it to us one day. Until then, I am staying out of the woods offering this advice to anyone else out there ; Close your windows, lock your doors, turn out the lights, because Ghouli is out there and he might just be looking for you.

7 thoughts on “What hell was that thing?

  1. Sp00ky, let’s talk. I am documenting an FBI investigation into cases like this. You may know more than you think…

  2. Unearthly screech. Sounds like I wouldn’t want to meet that thing in person, unarmed. If arms are of any use in this case.

  3. I think I saw something like that out here in Colorado. Then again, I could be experiencing The Mandela Effect, or rather, The Mengele Effect. If not, this is surely evidence of a parallel universe!

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