Never take shortcuts through parks

I saw ghouli once; when taking a shortcut through a park one night while on a walk. Ugly creature. As soon as it lunged towards me, I threw him to the ground with my mind and ran off.

I don’t leave the house much anymore, preferring to remote view interesting things. I’ve gotten tired of living in this dark hole of a place, so I spent months trying to remote view winning lottery numbers before the draw. Waste of time. Maybe I’m viewing draws in another dimension, or even the wrong future or past dates… who knows. If only there was a manual for how these things work!

I’ve since been focusing my attention on a couple of FBI agents, Mulder and Scully. They are somehow much easier to focus on then most people. How he throws those pencils into the ceiling and that poster, without telekinesis, is beyond me. So entertaining! Looking forward to seeing what case they take next.

Until then, I’m having another beer. It helps with the noise in my head when I’m not focused on a particular remote viewing target. This latest batch of beer with coconut syrup and hot peppers turned out quite well.

Stay away from that ghouli!

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