Beware the Woods

When I was 11 my friend Jackson and I were playing in the woods at the end of his street. We were trying to catch crawdads in the stream when we heard someone walking towards us. But nobody was there. Jackson went over to look when I heard something behind me. I turned around and caught a glimpse of it moving into a really dense patch of trees. But I saw it. It had a tail like a kangaroo but it was covered in gray skin al over. There were thick quills up its spine and on top of its head. I think it had several arms but it was hard to tell with all the branches around it. I didn’t get a good look at its face though. I still had nightmares about it for years. But I never went back in those woods. When they were bulldozed years later for a new housing addition, some residents reported seeing a shadowy figure in their backyards at night. Pets went missing. I moved away not long after but from what I hear those encounters still happen today.

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