Colorado Encounter

Out here in Colorado, there are all sorts of mysterious sightings — UFOs, Bigfoot, a blue mustang with devilish red eyes, etc. However, nothing was as terrifying as what I recently witnessed.

Last week, a lot of snow fell in Aurora, where I live. I needed to make a late-night stop at King Soopers (a grocery store), but I didn’t want to risk getting into a car accident; so, I decided to walk. It was really windy. I was the only person outside, aside from a few passing cars and a snowplow. When I was roughly a block away from King Soopers, I heard an odd sound. I assumed it was the wind blowing around some objects. But then, behind a bush, a large, shadowy figure emerged, with dangling claws and pointy ears. I had never seen anything like it.

I attempted to head in the other direction; however, as soon as I turned around, I slipped and fell on the sidewalk. Immediately, I heard the creature rushing through the snow, toward me. I got up, but I was tackled right away. I was now looking at the face of this thing, and it’s an image that will haunt me forever. I felt like I was staring into the eyes of pure evil. Its teeth were razor sharp. I thought my life was about to end.

Somehow, someway, I was able to free one of my arms and grab my keys in my pocket. I bunched all of them together and stabbed the creature in the neck. It screamed loudly and ran off into the darkness. I never saw it again.

I thought about filing a report with the police, but they would never believe me. They would think I was crazy, and in turn, possibly arrest me. I didn’t tell anybody about what happened. Could this have just been a vivid nightmare? Could it have been The Mandela Effect?

I browsed online to see if anybody experienced anything similar, and I came across this website. Reading the stories of other encounters made me realize that I wasn’t alone. We couldn’t all be going through The Mandela Effect, right? If not, could we be in a parallel universe? I heard a story of an FBI agent who proposed the idea after investigating, what he surmised to be, a case involving The Mandela Effect, which apparently, was also known as The Mengele Effect.

Anyway, whatever it was, I will never forget it, and I hope to never go through that, ever again.

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  1. I think you ar referring to the Mengele effect, named after Dr. Josef Mengele. Anyway, my name is Reggie Something, I work for FBI on a task force dedicated to exploring paranormal phenomena. I am very curious to hear more details of your experience. Please refer your contact information to my email.


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