Wild ‘Ghoui’ Encounter

I went camping once with my best friend, Ash, and his mother when Ash and I were about ten when we saw one of these ‘Ghouli’ things. I didn’t know what it was thing, but the sight of the horrifying creature was burned into my mind. Ash’s too, I’m pretty sure. We were out playing in the woods while Ash’s mom cooked dinner back at the campsite, it was the first night of the camping trip, by the way. Anyways, we got lost and ran into this ‘Ghouli’ thing (I didn’t know what it was until I found this website). The Ghouli chased us even further into the woods until we came to a river. Luckily, it didn’t follow us into the water, and we were able to escape by swimming to the other side. (Ash and I are both pretty athletic and capable of surviving on our own, even when we were young)

It was REALLY scary, and we both thought it was going to eat us! I would’ve probably stepped in the way of the Ghouli to save Ash if it came to it. I’m like that because I love all of my friends a lot. And…Ash can be quite a kid sometimes, and needs saving several times a year, it feels sometimes.

At least we’re alive. That’s what counts. I just hope that Ghouli monster doesn’t come back again sometime and try to get us…

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