I swear

Well the other night I was going through a line of abandoned row houses – not looking for copper, just checking out the wood work – and I hear this scratchy noise coming from one of the back yards. Here I’m thinking ‘oh no, its a stray dog and boy it don’t sound too happy!’ And then it happens, the door knob from the kitchen out the back starts rattling and just then the outside light flicks on. All the lights are off in the house, and so I see this outline of a creature about 8 foot high and it ain’t human! I about messed my shorts right then, but the cursed thing opens the door and walks in. It looks right at me, has the audacity to Scream at Me, then comes at me with talons about as long as my forearm!! Lucky for me, I had my old six shooter and kept my wits long enough to fill that sonofa with lead. Then I just took off running, didn’t look back til I got to my pickup, and I peeled out of there and came straight home. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sleep with my shotgun next to me that night!

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