Supermarket Ghouli

Hey guys. I just got home from the store. I had the strangest experience so I had to post asap. Wondering if there are any others out there who have had something similar.

I just finished loading my car up with groceries. More junk food than healthy stuff. I know, I know. I try eating fruits and veggies, but I love my sweets. Little Debbie’s, 2-Bite Brownies, and all the other usual suspects. It’s a good thing my dentist wasn’t watching!! My new year’s resolution has really fizzled. January was pretty strong. A couple moments of weakness, but overall successful. But Febuary really got me. It may have been the long, dragging winter, it may have been the thought of another Valentine’s Day alone, it may have been something else all together. Does it even matter? What’s important was that I had a cart full of processed garbage. And as I pulled it all out of my cart and put it on the belt, that’s exactly what I felt like… Processed garbage being loaded on a conveyor and headed for a bag….

And that’s when it happened! I looked up and Ghouli was checking me out!! He looked mostly like I pictured, but in a supermarket uniform. He was quite nice, but he kinda crushed my bread when he put some canned goods on top of it.

Anyway, I got outa there before things could go south. I’d like to say that I won’t go back to that store, but it’s so close to my appartment and they have great Hostess sales.

Anyone else have a similar Ghouli encounter?!

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