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addendum 018-1a

The following transmission was submitted by unidentified humanoid SCP with possible connection to 446854, first seen during Field Report 1b. Subject nicknamed “Rever”, real name unknown. Dated ██-██-████ the transmission log was intercepted, analyzed and subsequently expunged from the Foundation records by Mobile Task Force Sierra-14, codename The Collective, due to possible interference by subject “Rever”. […]

sierra-14 field report 018-1b

Sierra-14 Task Force Field Report /verifying clearance… /request timed out /reconnecting… /reconnecting… /connection established /connecting to secure server… /decrypting file… /decryption complete ☣ SCP Involved: SCP-446854 MTF Involved: MTF Sierra-14 Date: January 27th, 2018 Location: 21km west of the town of Shoshoni, Wyoming Preamble: Engagement is authorized after a teenage boy calls official emergency services after seeing SCP-446854 […]