addendum 018-1a

The following transmission was submitted by unidentified humanoid SCP with possible connection to 446854, first seen during Field Report 1b. Subject nicknamed “Rever”, real name unknown. Dated ██-██-████ the transmission log was intercepted, analyzed and subsequently expunged from the Foundation records by Mobile Task Force Sierra-14, codename The Collective, due to possible interference by subject “Rever”.

Any personnel other than the authorized 05 Council members and the Collective that are found in possession of the transmission as it pertains to SCP-446854, or subject “Ghouli”, will be subject to immediate termination upon access.

connecting ….

/checking security clearance

/accessing transcription, please wait….


/access denied

sierra-14 field report 018-1b

Sierra-14 Task Force Field Report

/verifying clearance…

/request timed out



/connection established

/connecting to secure server…

/decrypting file…

/decryption complete

SCP Involved: SCP-446854

MTF Involved: MTF Sierra-14

Date: January 27th, 2018

Location: 21km west of the town of Shoshoni, Wyoming

Preamble: Engagement is authorized after a teenage boy calls official emergency services after seeing SCP-446854 on a docked ship named Chimera. MTF Sierra-14 arrives on location with [REDACTED] in order to subdue SCP-446854, and all class amnestics to administrate to boy; depending on how close the contact, we must be ready to authorize Ennui Protocol if necessary.

[22:31] Sierra-14 unit arrives and begins search of 446854 (subject ghouli)

[00:45] Subject evades capture, with all possible attempts at capture providing unsuccessful. More information in Addendum below.

[01:11] Teenage boy spotted as MTF Sierra-14 begins departure

[01:13] Upon Sierra-14 initiating interrogation of boy, subject begins to flee

[01:14] All attempts to subdue human subject fail

[01:14] Upon the drawing of firearms by Sierra-14, subject exhibits telekinetic ability, and our weapons are flung from our reach into the water over dock. Subject makes unseen escape.

Addendum: Upon the field engagement to capture and contain SCP-446854, we seem to have stumbled upon a humanoid SCP able to take the form of a teenage boy. The appearance of this form is a tall, thin teenage boy, between 15 and 18 years of age, approximately 130-160lbs with dark hair that’s cut just below each ear. He was seen by The Collective wearing a black and white plaid flannel shirt, black jeans and black shoes. Affiliation with SCP-446854 will be assumed until 446854 is captured and the boy is interrogated.

/end of file

Secure. Contain. Protect.