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the Resistance has landed

“Hello,” said the knockout mouse. “Welcome to our maze to amaze. We are on a hunt for extraordinary humans to join us. We know you enjoy a good challenge. Would you like to dig deeper?”
The Boy could sense the message hidden within. He was afraid, but inherently curious, and curiosity knocked out the fear.
“The Truth awaits you.” Knockout mouse continued, “Here is a backhoe. It will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting you when you make it all the way through.”

the map Is not the territory

did you do your history homework tonight? how about all of your french verb conjugations, @Rever? where is your accent circonflexe? present, future, imperfect. je rêve, rêverai, rêvais. cette message est pour vous. n’oubliez pas le Refus Absurde. faire un rêve, @Rever! Ceci n’est pas une pipe!